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In HTML we have opening tag and closing tag. Some time you can say start tag and end tag.

<tagname>content goes here...</tagname>


<p>This is paragraph</p>
<h1> This is heading</h1>

But some tags don’t required closed tag(end tag). Yes, <br> tag is the self closed tag. you don’t need to closed it.


<p>This is<br>paragraph with a line break.</p>


HTML is not case sensitive, tags also not case sensitive. Means you can use uppercase or lowercase tags. like this


but Dihox Skills aways recommend correct way to write anything. So, please use lowercase for tags.

Anchor tag:

embed other web pages link to your web page, an anchor tag is used.

Here is, How you can use it:


<a href="https://skills.dihox.com/">Copy this body element and past in your editor</a>


href– is another attribute used to define the link.


We will learn more in next lesson ✌🏼